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Park Food Truck Application

  1. Park Food Truck Application

    Food trucks are permitted if they meet all of the requirements by the Department. Permits are $20/occasion. Food trucks will not be permitted to operate at any park that is actively offering vending or concessions. 

    If a food truck is approved to be in our parks you may only be in the parks during designated times and in assigned locations. Applications are approved on a case-by-case basis. Please note that this is simply an application, it does not guarantee a permit. 

    Do not fill out this form if you are applying to participate in a special event. For special events please contact their organizers directly to discuss vending opportunities.

  2. Is your Food Truck permitted to sell within the Goodlettsville City limits? *

    If no, please do not complete this application. You must first obtain a Food Truck Permit to operate within the City Limits from the City Recorders office.

  3. Which Goodlettsville Park are you requesting? *
  4. Authentication Statement*

    The discovery of false or misleading info regarding the applicant or the described event activities on this application will result in the rejection of the application, revocation of approval of use of the park property, and/or denial of future requests.

  5. Electricity and Water*
    • Electrical hookups are not available, but generators are permitted. 
    • Direct water hookup is not available
    • Vendor is responsible for covering and/or taping down all cords, awnings, tents, etc. according to safety code
  6. Food Truck Vendor Request *

    I acknowledge that this is a request, and does not serve as a permit of any type to operate within Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation. 

  7. Display of Permit*

    If approved, permit must be displayed at all times. 

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