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Coaching Application

  1. In order to coach, assist, or manage with a Goodlettsville Park and Recreation Youth Sports Team, interested candidates must complete the following items and then be approved by the Parks and Recreation Department: Volunteer Coaching Application, Background Check (performed by SSCI), Sign the Code of Conduct, Complete a Volunteer Application, and Attend the mandatory coach’s meeting.
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  3. Coaching Information
  4. Coaching Agreement
  5. Coaches Code of Conduct Purpose
    Goodlettsville Parks & Recreation (GP&R) youth sports leagues are provided to the community to not only be a fun experience for young athletes, but also to play an important role in promoting the physical, social, and emotional development of children. It is essential for coaches to encourage young athletes to embrace the values of good sportsmanship and fair play and for coaches to lead by example by demonstrating fairness, respect, and self-control. For those reasons, this Coaches Code of Conduct has been created to hold coaches accountable to be the best role model for young athletes while coaching in GP&R youth sports leagues.
  6. Code of Conduct for Coaches
     I will always keep the best interest and well-being of the children as the highest priority.  I will follow all concussion and cardiac arrest protocols.  I will respect the officials’ calls and avoid arguing or questioning the officials in any way that will undermine their authority as this has the potential of creating a hostile environment for everyone.  I will not engage in verbal or physical abuse or altercations with any athlete, official, parent, attendee, or staff.  I will stress fair play and good sportsmanship during practices and in games whether winning or losing by not engaging in or allowing trash-talking, taunting, or chanting that could be demeaning or offensive in any way.  I will encourage athletes to think and play as a team, to do their best, and continually improve through personal effort and team work. Put less emphasis on the final outcome and more emphasis on effort, improvement, and team work.  I will maintain a thorough knowledge of the rules and ensure that my athletes understand and follow the rules. Remember that the rules of the game are designed to protect the participants as well as to set a standard for competition. Coaches should never disregard, circumvent, or take advantage of the rules by teaching deliberate misconduct to gain a competitive advantage.  I will do my best to organize practices that are fun and challenging for my players.  I will learn the strengths and weaknesses of my players so that I might place them into situations where they have a maximum opportunity to achieve success.  I will conduct my practices and games so that all players have an opportunity to improve their skill level through active play.  I will strive to provide a challenging, safe, enjoyable, and successful experience for the athletes by maintaining a positive environment free of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.  I will remember that as a youth sports coach, the game is for the children and not for adults.
  7. I hereby agree that if I fail to conform my conduct to the foregoing while coaching for the GP&R I will be subject to disciplinary procedures and penalties:*
    (See Disciplinary Procedures and Penalties link above)
  8. I realize that when I coach in a Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation Youth League(s) I am representing my family, my community, and myself. My conduct reflects upon all of these. I understand that I am responsible for my own actions and behavior. I agree to abide by the Coaches Code of Conduct and any/all rules established by Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation. I also understand that the Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation may eject, suspend, or remove me from any Coaching position for unacceptable behavior as defined by the Coaches Code of Conduct.
  9. Coaching Agreement*
    If my application is accepted and I am approved to be a youth sport coach for Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation, I agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations governing coaches and the program that I coach. I also agree to attend the mandatory coach’s meeting(s), coach clinic (if available), and adhere to the Coach’s Code of Conduct. I understand that if I have any problems or concerns while coaching I will talk with the designated Coordinator for the sport that I am coaching. I further understand that failure to adhere to the Coaches Code of Conduct or violating coaching or sport rules may result in my suspension/dismissal as a youth sport coach for Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation. As an applicant to be a volunteer coach, I hereby authorize Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation or other entity to conduct a criminal records and background check. I understand that the disclosure of a record may result in automatic disqualification from coaching. Moreover, I hereby release Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation from any civil or criminal liability whatsoever for seeking the requested information and for evaluating such information as it relates to my volunteer coaching application with the City of Goodlettsville. I understand the information received will be treated in a confidential manner. I agree to notify Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation in the event that charges are brought against me or if I am under investigation during my coaching tenure. I also understand that approval of a Background check does not imply that my coaching application will be approved. I understand that the designated coordinator has the authority to recommend approval or denial to the Recreation Superintendent for any coaching positions for the sport they coordinate. I hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that the City of Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation Superintendent may select and/or suspend/dismiss me as a youth sports coach with or without cause and in her sole discretion.
  10. Electronic Signature Agreement*
    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that 1) your application will not be signed in the sense of a traditional paper document, 2) by signing in this alternate manner, you authorize your electronic signature to be valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature, and 3) you may still be required to provide a traditional signature at a later date.
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