What do I do with items I can recycle?

Residential properties are provided with a recycling container which is picked up curbside only on a bi-weekly basis. 

Acceptable items include:

  • Metal cans (aluminum, bi-metal, and steel) 
  • Paper products (newspaper, office paper, computer paper, magazines, junk mail, shiny paper inserts, telephone books, paper board, cereal boxes, cardboard, paper grocery bags) 
  • Plastic containers labeled 1 through 7 (soft drink bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles. Remove caps, rinse and flatten containers before placing into recycling container).

The items acceptable for recycling do not need to be separated, they are to be co-mingled into the designated recycling container. 

If shredded paper is being recycled, please make sure it is bagged in a paper bag in order to prevent waste from leaving the container and dumping onto the ground.

Curbside Recycling Guidelines Flyer

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