Vendor Information

Special Events

Product and Food Vendors for events taking place on park property must submit a Vendor Application with the Parks and Recreation Department as well as all required information listed on the application.  

Food Vendor Application

Product Vendor Application

Mobile Food Vendor Application Information- A Mobile Food Vendor Application must also be submitted if the vendor uses a food truck.  This application can be submitted at the same time as the food vendor application, or the applicant can wait until notification of approval of the vendor application.

General Vending

Product vendors are not permitted in the park for general vending purposes. Food trucks are permitted if they meet all of the requirements by the Department. Permits are $20/occasion. Food trucks will not be permitted to operate at any park that is actively offering vending or concessions. 

Food Trucks require a Mobile Food Vendor Permit, prior to application with the Parks and Recreation Department. If you are interested in vending within Goodlettsville Parks, please first Mobile Food Vendor Application. Once you have complete the City's requirements, you may proceed with application within the Parks and Recreation Department. 

If a food truck is approved to be in our parks you may only be in the parks during designated times and in assigned locations. For special events please contact their organizers directly to discuss vending opportunities.

The following documents are required to obtain a park food truck permit:

  • City of Goodlettsville Mobile Food Vendor Permit (Click HERE for information regarding how to apply for the Mobile Food Vendor permit online. Once you set up a user name and password, you will then apply/submit requested information under "Mobile Food Vendor". Approvals and review will be conducted by the Community Development Department.)
  • Parks Food Truck Application 
  • $1,000,000 of Liability insurance naming the City of Goodlettsville and Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation as additionally insured
  • Photograph of Food Truck/Trailer
  • Menu

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