Code of Conduct

Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation (GP&R) activities are made available to youth and adults as a means of providing fun and wholesome recreational programming. GP&R supports the belief that all recreational programming and experiences should be positive and safe with sportsmanship, character building and enjoyment as primary goals. To achieve these goals, GP&R will strive to provide a safe environment for all program participants to the best of its ability. To that end, all participants must be accountable for their behavior when participating in recreational programming.

As a means of holding participants accountable for their behavior, GP&R has enacted this Code of Conduct to allow GP&R to provide penalties for violations therof. This Code of Conduct prohibits certain specified conduct so that all users might have the opportunity to enjoy the activities and programs made available to Goodlettsville citizens through GP&R. This Code of Conduct applies to all participants in GP&R activities and applies to parents/guardians of participants and all friends and family members in attendance.


  • Program participants and their parents, guardians, and all others accompanying them to activities shall treat all participating parties (including players, referees, coaches, etc.) with dignity and respect.
  • Program participants and their parents, guardians, and others accompanying them to activities shall use appropriate language, tones of volume, and body language when communicating.
  • Program participants shall become knowledegable in, and have an understanding of, and respect for the rules and guidelines applicable to the related programming.
  • Program participants and their parents and/or guardians shall recognize and acknowledge GP&R programming as a privilege that can be rescinded for the greater good.

Athletics Code of Conduct for Players and Spectators (PDF)