Fees at-a-glance

Fees for Residential Waste Collection, Conveyance and Disposal

As of August 10, 2023, the fee structure for solid waste containers is:

  • $75 new resident non-refundable set-up fee
  • $75 each additional container non-refundable set-up fee
  • $21 per month, if you have one city approved container
  • $25 per month, if you have two city approved containers
  • $10 per month, for property owners who are registered to participate in the city's Senior Property Tax Freeze Program and for those receiving Social Security Disability.
  • There is no cost for the city approved recycling containers.

Information for the Senior Property Tax Freeze/Relief Program

Residents that qualify for half off their monthly curbside or back-door sanitation fees are residents who have qualified for the Senior Property Tax Freeze or Tax Relief Program. Residents must apply annually for the tax freeze program with the county in which you reside. Davidson County residents call 615-862-6330; Sumner County residents call 615-452-1260.

Fee for Convenience Center Drop-off Collection and Disposal

Convenience Center fees are effective July 1, 2015:

  • Free drop-off of 2 garbage bags of household trash per resident per week
  • Free drop-off of recyclables
  • $5 minimum charge
  • $10 per pick-up truck load (waste to be stacked no greater than the height of the bed of the truck)
  • $15 per trailer (up to 16 feet in length and waste stacked no greater than 3 feet in height)