Senior Adults

The Senior Adult Program offered by Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation provides opportunities for people ages 60 and over to create healthy and rewarding lives for themselves and others. To achieve the goal of promoting wellness of body, mind and spirit, the program offers a variety of activities and services. This program offers the opportunity for fun, friendship and socialization in a warm and friendly atmosphere. On any given day you will see people participating in activities such as:

  • art and craft classes
  • lifelong learning classes
  • themed special events
  • playing cards and games
  • inter-generational programs
  • Tuesday Potluck

This program meets at the Delmas Long Community Center. For more information on the program, please call 615.851.2203.

**The Goodlettsville Senior Adult Program and activities are for people who are independent and can care for their own personal needs. There are no trained medical staff on site and day care services are not provided.