Community Programs

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The Goodlettsville Police Department works in a collaborative effort with our community in order to provide the safest environment for all the people who live and work in Goodlettsville.   The Police Department has formed partnerships with our Businesses, Apartment and Hotel/Motel Management Groups, Neighborhood Watch Groups, Ministerial Groups and several other networks to understand the needs of the community and do our very best to succeed in protecting our citizens and preventing crime in our City. 

Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch or Crime Watch is one of the most effective and least costly ways to prevent crime, and reduce fear. Anyone can join the Neighborhood Watch Program. We encourage as many people to participate in organizing a Crime Watch Program.

When you become a member of a Neighborhood Watch Program, you will learn how to make your home more secure, watch out for suspicious people, and report these activities to the police department. Neighborhood Watch members become the eyes and ears of the police department. The police department cannot be in all places at one time, and we depend on our citizens to work with us reporting crime in neighborhoods.

You may request a special watch for your residence any time you are out of town or if you are having problems with unauthorized people on your property. The information you submit will be given to each Patrol Shift and your residence will be checked several times each 12-hour shift until your return. Fill out your House Watch Request Form online.

National Night Out Against Crime

On the first Tuesday of the month in October, residents of neighborhoods throughout Goodlettsville are asked to lock their doors, turn on outside lights and spend the evening on the grounds of City Hall with the Goodlettsville Police Department! The event occurs yearly starting at 5 p.m. and the Goodlettsville Police Department provides food and live entertainment. Also, our local businesses here in Goodlettsville donate door prizes for the event.

We want our Goodlettsville Community to be well represented for this national event.
National Night Out is designed to: (1) Heighten crime prevention awareness; (2) Generate support for, and participation in, local anticrime efforts; (3) Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police community partnerships; and (4) Send a message to criminals letting them know neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.
The National Night Out Against Crime is a great way to get to know your community and even your neighbors and goes hand in hand with our Neighborhood Watch Program. 

Community Relations Programs

The Police Department provides community relations programs to our citizens. In addition to the Citizens Police Academy and Neighborhood Watch Programs, the Department offers educational programs on such topics as crime prevention, teen distracted driving, and personal safety. We offer these classes to church groups, civic groups, businesses, and organizations. Officers are available to teach these classes to the community upon availability. If you have a specific topic of interest that you would like to make an inquiry about, the Administrative Commander coordinates and schedules all classes.

Citizens Police Academy

The purpose of the Citizens Police Academy is to give citizens a better understanding about law enforcement and how police officers work within the community. The classes in law enforcement provide a fun and interactive way to educate and develop positive relations with our citizens. It is an ongoing process to build community cooperation, understanding, and good will; the Citizens Police Academy definitely adds to the educational process!

Once citizens graduate from the Citizens Police Academy, they can become a member of the Citizens Police Academy Volunteer Program. Volunteers will serve as ambassadors of the police department by donating their time to work on community projects with the police department. Volunteers will continue to give an insider's view into law enforcement sharing the same values and guiding principles of the police department.

Please see our page on Citizens Police Academy for more information on class schedule and registration form!