Litter Control

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about the prices paid for littering:

  • 18% of the total amount of litter from Tennesseans ends up in our streams and waterways, making its way to other states and eventually the ocean. Litter from other states makes its way to our waterways as well, compounding this problem.
  • Fines for littering can be up to $500 plus several hours of community service.
  • Our tax dollars pay for the cleanup of litter.

How Can You Help?

  • Keep a bag in your car for your trash until you’re able to dispose of it properly. This includes cigarette butts and biodegradable items such as banana peels, apple cores, etc.
  • Make sure items in your vehicle are secured so they won’t blow out.
  • Secure your household garbage container so it doesn’t topple over and cause garbage to spill out onto your property and/or the street.
  • If you have household items to dispose of, call us for a bulk pick-up, drop it off at the recycling center, or call if the item contains hazardous materials.
  • Encourage officials to enforce anti-littering laws.
  • Take part in programs like Adopt-A-Highway and/or assist with local clean up efforts.
  • Utilize materials such as bumper stickers and other outreach materials.
  • Report littering by calling the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Litter Hotline at (866) 739-2812.