Filming & Photography

A permit is required for commercial film and still photography projects. Projects specific to Historic Mansker’s Station, the Bowen House, Mansker’s Fort, or the Visitor’s Center should be directed to the Tourism Director. All other park projects should be directed to the Director of Parks and Recreation. Commercial projects require a Film and Photography Permit Application and a Location Agreement for Film and Still Photography

Currently, there is no permit required for general photography in any of the six Goodlettsville’s parks. We do ask that photographers follow these guidelines:

  • Subjects should not be positioned inside any garden, whether in ground, or in a raised bed
  • Subjects should not be positioned on top of any fence or on rock walls
  • Sessions should not be conducted inside any closed facility
  • Sessions shall not interrupt the public’s use of park facilities or present a safety concern
  • Sessions shall not take place before or after published park operation hours
  • Sessions should not affect tours that take place at Historic Mansker’s Station including: placing props on the Bowen House or Mansker’s Fort property, placing subjects in the House or the Fort without prior approval by the Tourism Director, or any other uses that would affect visitor’s enjoyment of the sites.