Park & Facility Projects

Moss-Wright Park Sand Volleyball Courts

Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation has capital funding set aside to upgrade the existing volleyball court and add additional courts at Moss-Wright Park. We are currently in the planning stages of this project. More information will be available as the project progresses. 

Rachel's Garden Playground

Update: The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) announced a $350,000 parks and recreation grant for the City of Goodlettsville for a playground at Peay Park in June of 2021. The City of Goodlettsville will provide a $350,000 match. Read the full announcement article here. Contracts will be finalized on August 15, 2022 allowing work to begin. 

Rachel's Garden is a project of the Goodlettsville Fire Department's Kid's Christmas Charity that will install an inclusive playground at Peay Park. Fundraising efforts have been underway for several years, with a hope to raise over a million dollars for a custom build playground to serve children and caregivers of all abilities. Learn more by visiting

Peay Park Court Renovation

Update: Work on this project began in May of 2022 with the removal and setting of posts and sealing of the asphalt. Paving was complete in mid July. The final stage of the project is the coating/lining of the courts, installation of new fencing, and installation of nets and poles. Fencing is currently being replaced, coating and lining will follow closely after. A vendor has already been selected for the coating and lining. Lastly, the nets and poles (which have been purchased and are in our procession) will be installed. 

Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation has capital funding set aside to re-structure and resurface the tennis courts at Peay Park. Across the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 Budget years, you will see the upper court transition into three standard size pickleball courts and the lower courts transition to multipurpose courts. The multipurpose courts will include two standard size tennis courts and four standard size pickleball courts. 

Complete Projects

Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Update: Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation's Master Plan was approved by the City Commission in its September 12th meeting.  View the approved plan here.

Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation has been working with HFR Design and Kimley Horn on the development of a Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan. This document will help determine planning for the future of Goodlettsville's Park System. 

Splash Pad and Restroom Renovation

Update: The Splash Pad at Peay Park was dedicated into the park system on Saturday, August 31st, 2019.  The splash pad is located at 111 Memorial Drive, Goodlettsville.

Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation is currently working to renovate the restroom in Peay Park and add a mechanical room onto the front of the existing building to support the Splash Pad at Peay Park. This is scheduled to open in the summer of 2019.

Gville Splash Pad